5 Low-Cost Ideas for a Kitchen Remodel on a Budget

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If you’ve got $65,000 lying around, you could buy a luxury SUV. You could pay for one year at Harvard. Or you could remodel your kitchen. Yup. It typically costs that much.

But unlike fancy new cars and Ivy League experiences, you can opt out of the full retail price of a kitchen remodel. Here are five low-cost ideas so you can remodel your kitchen on a budget.

#1 Keep the Cabinets, But Change the Doors

AFTERImage: Refreshliving.net

New cabinets are a big chunk of the average kitchen remodel cost (30%-35%). But most of the time, it’s only the fronts that need updating.

A great low-hassle way to save on pricey new cabinets is to buy only the fronts from a manufacturer, like these gorgeous blue ones that were installed on existing cabinets.

Or, if you’re into DIY, save even more, possibly spending only a few hundred dollars by:

  • Repainting or staining
  • Adding new trim or molding
  • Removing doors for an open-shelf look

Don’t forget new kitchen hardware, a tiny, affordable change — even if you don’t change your cabinet fronts.

Author: Rakesh Sasmal